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Designing together: Making greatness happen with participatory design

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Participatory design is all about teamwork — getting end-users and stakeholders involved in brainstorming solutions to design challenges. Designers let others take the lead and show us what matters most to them.

Now, participatory design isn’t just one method, it’s whole a toolbox full of fun activities. Here are seven activities:

1. Journey Mapping: Customers map out their experiences, showing their pain points, frustrations, and areas for opportunity. We can get better information in the context of the whole experience rather than focusing on just a part of it.

2. Love Letter/Breakup Letter Activity: Imagine writing a love letter or a breakup letter to a service or brand. We can better understand how customers really feel about something this way.

3. Empathy Collage: Sometimes, pictures can say more than words. This activity lets customers express their experiences and needs through images, helping us see things from their perspective.

4. Magic Button: We can ask, “If there was a magic button for the perfect experience, what would it do?” This activity gets people to dream big and imagine the best experience possible.

5. Circles of Me: Participants visually map out what’s most important to them, helping us understand their needs better. The innermost circle describes things that they value the most, and the activity helps with prioritization.

6. Round Robin: This activity allows ideas to evolve as they’re passed around, creating super solutions with input from everyone.

7. Opportunities Identification: Participants think about moments where things could’ve gone better, helping us spot chances for improvement.

By involving more people in the design process, people can show us what really matters. Involving customers and stakeholders in design isn’t just helpful. It is essential for creating something truly great!