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I am passionate about creating great designs

👋 I’m a product designer with over a decade of experience based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

My passion is creating outstanding user experiences that are intuitive and accessible to all.

I engage in research and use both qualitative and quantitative data to guide my design decisions.

14 years

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My expertise in UX and product design




This is how I work and the positive energy I bring

I am a good team player and partner

I forge connections between product, engineering, and leadership to bring the best user experience to customers.

I am always learning something new

I’m curious about the world around me, both the big picture and the small details, and I enjoy keeping up with the latest developments in design and tech.

I communicate early and frequently

I embrace using my verbal, written, and visual communication skills to find the best answers.

I am driven to solve problems with data

I draw unbiased conclusions based on data that lead to actionable solutions. I use both quantitative and qualitative metrics to drive my design decisions.

I take initiative and have a can-do attitude

I take ownership of problems and outcomes, and I’m willing to put in the hard work necessary to achieve project success under tight timelines.

I am passionate about creative pursuits

I have a genuine love for visual creativity, and I enjoy photography and videography in addition to user experience design.

😊 Human centric

I am committed to human-centered design principles and seek to understand the users.

📈 Data driven

My mantra is “always be testing,” and I iterate on designs with results and metrics.

👁️ Accessible

I adhere to WCAG standards and use inclusive design practices.

Want to get in contact with me?

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