Rose Cox

Website & Portfolio

Hi, I’m Rose. I create designs that work.

👋 I’m a product designer with over a decade of experience based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. My passion is creating outstanding user experiences that are intuitive and accessible to all.

Pluralsight Skills Learner Analytics

Redesigned the learner analytics report, a feature linked to $18 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), achieving the following post-launch outcomes:

Increased B2B SaaS customer retention rate by 14%

Improved leader insight into learner analytics

Over 10% time savings for data scientists

ARUP Design System

Created design system to unify ARUP’s brand using accessibility standards and design thinking. Positive outcomes of the design system release:

Decreased development time by over 20%

More consistent visual standardization between products

Improved usability and product quality

A bit more about me

I strive to continuously learn and improve.

I tackle problems with an open mind, analyze them through research and data, and make improvements with initiative and teamwork.

😊 Human centric

I am committed to human-centered design principles and seek to understand the users.

📈 Data driven

My mantra is “always be testing,” and I iterate on designs with test results and metrics.

👁️ Accessible

I adhere to WCAG standards and use inclusive design practices.

Want to get in contact with me?

If you have a question for me or want more information, please use one of the following methods.